Root & Wander Photography

When The Roots Are Deep There Is No Reason To Fear The Wind

Cazenovia, NY

Invite me in. I want to see what your love looks like, what keeps you rooted. We seek to create memories of what our lives felt like long after the moments have passed. How tiny a child's hand was in the palm of yours... the way her hair tucked perfectly behind her ear or how his eyes lit up when he looked at his family. It's the rolls on the newborn baby's legs, the missing front teeth, skinned knees and wrinkles on the faces of those we admire... every detail is part of the story that we want to remember. Let's worry less about what to wear or waiting until we get to the perfect weight... We aren't promised tomorrow, so let's hold onto today. Show me the real you. Let's go... through fields seeking the softest light to frame the life that is yours. In your home, by the water, or down a long dirt road.... Wherever speaks to you ~ let's wander together.



Welcome to Root & Wander Photography

{Formerly Jennifer Wolsey Photography}

This fresh start has been a few years in the making and I'm so excited for this next part of my journey.

My babies are mostly grown and have left the nest for the military and college~ leaving me with one at home and lot's more time to focus on photography.

My love for the art was born of a selfish need to take in life. I want to FEEL. I thrive on emotion and seek to capture that in my work. 

I aspire to be authentic and I appreciate that in  others. I will likely show up in flip flops or rubber boots and a ponytail unless the shoot requires fancy clothes!

I promise to always make you laugh and to leave our time together feeling like you finally did froze time. Whether you search for weeks for the perfect outfits and show up ready to shine or you simply make the choice that you aren't going to let another day go by without capturing who you you up. I'll meet you there.

xo, Jennifer

Root & Wander~Born of my deep appreciation for all  that roots me in this beautiful life and the freedom it gives me to wander in search of light while always knowing my way home.