Root & Wander Photography

When The Roots Are Deep There Is No Reason To Fear The Wind

Cazenovia, NY

Invite me in. I want to see what your love looks like, what keeps you rooted. We seek to create memories of what our lives felt like long after the moments have passed. How tiny a child's hand was in the palm of yours... the way her hair tucked perfectly behind her ear or how his eyes lit up when he looked at his family. It's the rolls on the newborn baby's legs, the missing front teeth, skinned knees and wrinkles on the faces of those we admire... every detail is part of the story that we want to remember. Let's worry less about what to wear or waiting until we get to the perfect weight... We aren't promised tomorrow, so let's hold onto today. Show me the real you. Let's go... through fields seeking the softest light to frame the life that is yours. In your home, by the water, or down a long dirt road.... Wherever speaks to you ~ let's wander together.

Root and Wander Photography Reviews from Facebook

(formerly Jennifer Wolsey Photography)

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Amanda said: The last couple of years the prospect of getting a 1/2 way decent picture for Christmas cards just filled me with dread. Seriously, trying to get three kids looking happy in one shot - never mind mom & dad - you can imagine! So then comes Jen to the rescue and we had dozens of awesome pictures to choose from. We ended up giving pictures and photo gifts to everyone for Christmas and our entire family LOVED them. We will now be doing a Wolsey photo shoot every year for our cards - all the fun and none of the drama. 


Amy said:
At first glance, Jennifer’s photographs are simply beautiful. But they capture you. They call for you to look deeper. And when you do, you see so much more than an image. You see emotions. You see souls. You see memories. Thank you Jennifer, for capturing this time in our lives and preserving it for a lifetime! It’s impossible not to smile and wipe a few tears at the same time while looking at your work. We couldn’t be happier!


Chrissy said:
Thank you so much for an incredible job photographing the kids! I’ve had a few different photographers take good pictures of them, but yours stand out as my hands down favorite. You captured each personality beautifully with exciting, action packed shots. The kids and I can’t wait for you take more! Thank you! 


Kara said:
With two rambunctious boys, getting a great photo is no easy task. Jennifer Wolsey wouldn't know that though, as she makes the whole process flawlessly easy. By coming to our home, the boys where instantly at ease. By encouraging them to play, they were cast in their most natural state. Jennifer managed to capture our son's personalities as well as freezing them in time. Our family & friends RAVED about our portraits. I would wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer Wolsey Photography to anyone looking to preserve families memories.


Nichole said:
Not sure where to start in describing Jennifer Wolsey Photography...she is so much more than a photographer, I have 2 little girls who hate being photographed and we wasted tons of money suffering through way too many bad mall photo studio sessions! Jennifer instantly put my girls at ease and just let them play, it wasn't forced it was FUN and resulted in amazing photographs I will truly treasure forever.